Paint by Numbers Tree Scene Necklace

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It's funny how some blobs of green, orange and brown paint can eventually create a lush foliage scene in paint by numbers. This necklace recreates the intricate autumnal tree scene so often depicted in paint by numbers designs. 

The Details

You can select how "done" you want your necklace - would you prefer it completely coloured? just a couple of the colours filled in? or somewhere in between?

Designed and made by hand and lasers in the Finest Imaginary studio in Yorkshire. These necklaces are made from laser cut plastic pieces, placed together to create the final image. The numbers are painted by hand.

The necklace measures 78mm in across and tall, and is strung on an 18" silver plated curb chain. 

Please note that there is a mix of brooches and necklaces in these photos here, you're purchasing a single necklace of your choosing.