Paint by Numbers Deer Necklace

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Settling down with a brand new paint by numbers set was such a fixture of childhood. Remember the tiny pots that never had enough paint? The stiff brush that made all the lines look wobbly? 

One of the features in paint by numbers was always the woodland scene. Picture it: lush green trees, blurred mountains in the background, and some strangely formed deers taking up a front and centre position. 

The deers take focus in this detailed paint by numbers inspired necklace. Wading in the blue waters with a backdrop of green.

The Details

Designed and made by hand and lasers in the Finest Imaginary studio in Yorkshire. These necklaces are made from laser cut plastic pieces, placed together to create the final image. The numbers are painted by hand.

The necklace measures 68mm in diameter and is strung on an 18" silver plated curb chain.