Fox Tales Family Portrait Necklace


  • Fox Tales Family Portrait Necklace
  • Fox Tales Family Portrait Necklace

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There's a disturbance on the edge of the Arctic. Two brothers, separated for centuries, are being driven slowly closer. Dangerously close. Their past is as shrouded as their future, no one knows exactly how - or why - the two parted ways, but this cross over of territory? This forced meeting? No good can come of it.

Back in October 2015 I had the opportunity to work with Etsy and the Natural History Museum on a special collection for their Wildlife Photographer of the year competition. I created a capsule collection based on one of the entries to that year's competition. I chose a striking image of an Arctic and Red Fox. Over recent years, climate change has resulted in the Red Fox encroaching on the territory of the Arctic Fox, resulting in the Arctic Fox turning into the Red Fox's prey. My collection of three necklaces and two pairs of earrings creates a dark fairytale out of the real life issues caused by the changing landscape of the Arctic circle.

Fox Tales Family Portrait Necklace, a two layer laser cut necklace made from perspex and wood, finished with hand-painted detailing. The necklace measures 6cm by 5.5cm and comes complete with a 18" silver plated trace chain.

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